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New Summer Citrus Packaging

Seald Sweet announced today the launch of a new brand and line of packaging for their easy-to-peel, sweet mandarins as part of their summer citrus program...


Seald Sweet Welcomes First Uruguayan Citrus to US, Port of Philadelphia

After nearly a decade of efforts between Uruguayan and US agriculture officials, the first shipments of citrus from Uruguay arrived at the port of Philadelphia earlier this week...


South African Summer Citrus Promo in US DOD Commissaries
Seald Sweet Fisher House Program to Benefit US Military Families

South African Summer Citrus was featured during the month of August at several grower-attended product demonstrations in the military commissaries at Fort Belvoir and Fort Myer US Army bases...


Seald Sweet to Import Australian Summer Citrus

Seald Sweet will be importing citrus from Australia this summer, into the port of Long Beach, CA, beginning the first week of August. This move adds further growth to the company’s well-established...


Seald Sweet Welcomes Uruguayan Citrus US Admissibility

After nearly a decade of rigorous pest assessments and evaluation of risk mitigations, Seald Sweet is pleased that the U.S. Department of Agriculture published the Final Rule in the Federal Register...


Mayda Sotomayor

We First female CEO kows a thing or two about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. By Sarah Hoxie



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