Originating from Southeast Asia, the orange was introduced in the South of Europe around the year one thousand.

Oranges are the most popular of the citrus fruits. Development and production of this fruit is constantly increasing in order to keep up with consumer demand.

There are many varieties of oranges shared in 2 categories:

table orange and orange for juice

  • Navel: sweet pulp, perfumed and seedless; this is the best “table fruit”.
  • Valencia: late orange. Available year round. Clear and very juicy flesh.. This is the most cultivated orange in the world.
  • Salustiana, shamouti: golden and seedless fruit; very juicy so mainly consumed for its juice. The main producers are Morocco , Spain , Israel and South Africa .
  • Maltaise, from Tunisia.
  • Sanguinelli, from Italy . The blood oranges are famous for their nice red coloured flesh.

Brazil and United States are the largest producers in the world but Spain remains the largest exporter.


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